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When you read this you're tagged. Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on makeup. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your F-List the real you!


As you can see, at work on Christmas. Bummer, huh?
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A meme....a rare post by me.

So I rarely ever participate in memes, but today feels different.

Leave a comment saying, "IT'S TASTING TIME!" and I will give you five words I associate with you. Then post about what they mean to you, along with this, at your journal.

My words were given to me by ambertdd and they are: Spiritomb (of course), Tyranitar, Ghost type Pokemon, Snowball, aaaand amazing sales posts.

Spiritomb - My favorite pokemon hands down, but I think that's self explanatory.

Tyranitar - A Pokemon that I've always admired and was the first non-ghost pokemon I started collecting.

Ghost Type Pokemon - The superior pokemon type, right Amber ;)

Snowball - That's my name, don't wear it out! The origin of my name...hmmm. If anyone can guess it in 1 try I'll send them something pretty sweet.

Amazing Sales Posts - Honestly, I'm shocked people even enjoy my sales posts. It honestly surprises me how many people's collections I help every time I put one up. I usually fear all the work I put into them won't pay off, thank goodness I'm usually wrong.
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No more bids

That's it guys, I can't put another bid in. Good luck to the crescent bidder and pan*****? I'm curious to see how high Tyranitar goes. Hopefully it will give me a good idea to how much I'll need 3yrs down the road when another one pops up -_-.

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Some day oh great one!
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Sales Post Help?

Anyone interested in helping me with the organization of my current sales post I put up last night? After staying up way too many hours last night trying to get the post up and figuring out who asked for what first, I woke up with a migraine this morning and can't shake it off. I replied to a few people earlier today, but I'm still behind on replies.

If anyone would like to help me, I'd gladly pay/send item(s) for compensation. It's basically just going through posts making sure things don't double sell and giving totals based on who replied first.
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Happy Columbus Day?

So I had 2-3 trips to the post office planned for the day and didn't realize that Columbus Day was a Federal Holiday...damn.

Guess that means I can finish up packaging, put some more applications in just incase this job at the Crowne Plaza falls through, and maybe some collection photos. Looks like I'm missing some of my collection from the move down to FL, so I'm kind of hesitant to update with pictures.

Anyways, hope everyone has a good day today.
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Look who arrived!


*climbs up 5 shelves*

Um...that shelf is filled....keep looking...


So yay, the first of an uber collection to come I'm sure! After a really crappy month, this was just the pick up I needed :).

Hopefully I can make a really sweet collection update on Saturday, I have new shelves as of a couple weeks ago and now my whole collection is on display(minus those pesky Spiritomb flats of course).

I got a few packages out today, will get a few out tomorrow after my job interview at the Crowne Plaza downtown Tampa(my 4th interview here in the last 4 weeks). Looks like I'm going to skip the Battle Road on Saturday, so I'll be shipping that day too. Not getting as many packages out as I'd like per day, but it's a start and I can keep up this pace.
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Uber Get & Respect

Firstly, I had a very long weekend at Battle Roads. Saturday wasn't successful, but today definitely was! My roommate went 6-1 with my Scizor deck and finished 2nd :). On Saturday though I picked up this awesome guy:


I was so excited to see this at the comic book store that the tournament was held it.


Now on to something I call Respect. I'm going to be as vague as possible on this, but online in general, I'm disgusted at the lack of respect some people are getting compared to others. It seems like all of a sudden there is a double standard for some people, especially this week. Certain people getting judged/called out when they do something defensive or minor, however, when other people do it, nothing happens, nothing at all. I feel like certain people are receiving special treatment because of who they are and what they do and that isn't right. Everyone should be treated the same; to allow certain people to get away with things other people aren't allowed to is biased.

Sorry for the rant, just seen so many examples of double-standard biased bullshit this week that it is making my blood boil -_-.

*end rant*

*glares up at plush & smiles*

Feeling all better now ;)!
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Wonderful last couple of days!

After a pretty crappy week, the last couple days have been pretty great. It's kind of been a domino affect, but in a good way 0_0. My sales post was way more successful that I could have hoped and because of this I was able to buy this awesome guy the next day(I was shocked to see him still available).


Next up, on Wed I had a 3rd interview in Tampa at the Crowne Plaza. It was suppose to be for a night auditor position(I dislike working 3rd shift and the days off were suppose to be Tue/Wed). However, they told me they wanted me to start as a Bell Boy(with tips you make more) and it wouldn't be 3rd shift. After a few months of that they would move me to front desk if they liked me :)! I really liked the offer, but then last night, I got a better offer 0_0!

My dad called me last night to offer me a chance to work at his company back in MI. Remember, I just moved to FL a couple months ago from MI. Now this company makes corrugated boxes and I worked in the factory for two summers during college. I know the Director of the building very well and my dad is right beneath him in command. So my dad is telling me about the job, it's inputting sales information and keeping contact with the customers regarding their orders. Well apparently it pays $30,000, full benefits, paid overtime, paid vacation, paid holidays off, and it would be working 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. I am someone who must have at least one day of the weekend off so I can attend TCG tournaments, so this is HUGE. Plus the pay is better than anything I've experienced down here in FL. Apparently there are around 120 applicants, but this job doesn't require a high school diploma and you need to know word/excel(CAKE I TELL YOU!). So I know the top two guys there(one being my dad), I've worked there for two summers as an intern years ago, and my BA degree is is hospitality and tourism management. I hope that is enough to give me the edge.

Anyways, I hope everyone tries to have a good day. Life is rough, but sometimes it is really nice and I hope everyone posts on those days too. Rough days are easy to talk about on your LJs, but I think people easily forget to mention the good days as well.
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Day 1 of Work!

Today is my first day off work and I'm on lunch at the moment. I'll be handling UPS customer calls in the beginning, but hopefully i'll be moved up to online replies before the end of the yr.

Sad part is that I really don't want to go home afterwards. A huge online drama storm hit yesterday that was totally unnecissary/uncalled for, but it has to be dealt with in some way.

Hopefully everything works its way out or this is going to be pretty hard to handle.

Anyways, lots to do tonight: GA Invoice is finally in and I need to study for my training class. Maybe i can get some packages tomorrow work if I find the post office in area.