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No more bids
Artist's Spiritomb
That's it guys, I can't put another bid in. Good luck to the crescent bidder and pan*****? I'm curious to see how high Tyranitar goes. Hopefully it will give me a good idea to how much I'll need 3yrs down the road when another one pops up -_-.

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Some day oh great one!

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I'm sorry you were not able to obtain your grail! Look at it this way, one less person to compete for the next Jumbo T-Tar that comes along...

Hopefully that's true, but then again, a couple yrs down the road there may be new collectors who have been saving up as well. If another one come up in the next yr, hopefully I'll get that one for cheaper.

I know what you mean about new collectors down the road, the competition for Suicune has become really fierce! I am fortunate to have most of the rarer items already!!

I hope another Jumbo T-Tar does come along and I wish you the best of luck...;)

:( aww i'm sorry you cant put another bid in <3 just keep saving, he will be yours next time!

here's to next time~ hope he gets a good home until then.

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