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Look who arrived!
Artist's Spiritomb

*climbs up 5 shelves*

Um...that shelf is filled....keep looking...


So yay, the first of an uber collection to come I'm sure! After a really crappy month, this was just the pick up I needed :).

Hopefully I can make a really sweet collection update on Saturday, I have new shelves as of a couple weeks ago and now my whole collection is on display(minus those pesky Spiritomb flats of course).

I got a few packages out today, will get a few out tomorrow after my job interview at the Crowne Plaza downtown Tampa(my 4th interview here in the last 4 weeks). Looks like I'm going to skip the Battle Road on Saturday, so I'll be shipping that day too. Not getting as many packages out as I'd like per day, but it's a start and I can keep up this pace.

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Ahhhh! He looks so cool! Can't wait for all the BW stuff to come out. He's definitely awesome and I'm excited to see what a merch of him they have in store!

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