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Uber Get & Respect
Artist's Spiritomb
Firstly, I had a very long weekend at Battle Roads. Saturday wasn't successful, but today definitely was! My roommate went 6-1 with my Scizor deck and finished 2nd :). On Saturday though I picked up this awesome guy:


I was so excited to see this at the comic book store that the tournament was held it.


Now on to something I call Respect. I'm going to be as vague as possible on this, but online in general, I'm disgusted at the lack of respect some people are getting compared to others. It seems like all of a sudden there is a double standard for some people, especially this week. Certain people getting judged/called out when they do something defensive or minor, however, when other people do it, nothing happens, nothing at all. I feel like certain people are receiving special treatment because of who they are and what they do and that isn't right. Everyone should be treated the same; to allow certain people to get away with things other people aren't allowed to is biased.

Sorry for the rant, just seen so many examples of double-standard biased bullshit this week that it is making my blood boil -_-.

*end rant*

*glares up at plush & smiles*

Feeling all better now ;)!

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I have the Ramona plushie which goes with your Scott. :D They're so cute! Congrats on your friend for doing so well with Scizor Prime. So far, I've been doing pretty bad at BR tournaments.

About the respect topic, yeah, I've seen it all too often in places which won't be named (online and offline). I was a victim of it a few weeks ago and to be honest I'm getting tired of it as well.

I completely feel you on Battle Roads. I went 2-2 last Sunday, 3-3 yesterday, and 3-2 today. I tried a new deck today in which I am loving, so I really like my chances next weekend. What have you been playing? I tried Glacoen lv X for awhile, but now I've got this really techy Dusknoir deck that is amazing.

There wasn't any close BR's this week in KCMO, but last week I went 2-2 with DialgaChomp (lost to mirror and Macheap/Donphan). I've been playing Sablelock the past few days and I really like it. Dusknoir sounds like a fun deck type. :D What are you running with 'Noir, if I may ask?

Well you play the Damage Even Dusknoir. It's a great drawing engine that boosts Dusknoir's attack at the same time. Damage Even hits any of your opponent's pokemon for the number of damage counters on Dusknoir, great with no Unown G. Obviously you use the Dusknoir Lv X. Once the Dusknoir lv X gets turned into a Stadium, you Deafen lock it in play with Dialga G. It worked amazingly today except for 2 matches. One loss was when an opponent did 120 to my Dusknoir with Dialga G lv X's Remove Lost PLUS 2x Crobat G PLUS 2x Poketurn on the 3rd turn of the game 0_0! 2nd Loss was due to my opponent having all his Crobats/Poketurns to ko both my Dusknoir Lv X and at the end of the game I could only get 2 of my 4 Poketurns. If I could have gotten a 3rd, I would have won...yes..10dmg short -_-

Ooh, I've always liked the Damage Even Dusknoir, but I never got enough copies to play him in a deck. That's a clever strategy with Dialga G though :3. OUCH. Yeah, 120 damage is never easy to recover from, especially so early in the game. My loss to Machamp ended in 6 turns because my opponent burned through his deck and got the Champ line-fighting-BTS on T2.

I know this sounds odd, but have you tried sneaking anti-trainer (Vileplume) or anti-power (Power Spray) stuff into the 'noir deck? I know Plume can backfire on your Turns, but it could stop those pesky SP pokes. It sounds like people are playing around to avoid Noir X.

Everyone should be treated the same; to allow certain people to get away with things other people aren't allowed to is biased

this is true, however keep in mind lots of times you might not see publically the treatment everyone gets is the same, and you also might not be getting the true or entire story. i often hear people complaining that i am calling them out unfairly when in fact i call anyone out on the same issue, i just almost always do it in private so nobody has to look at it :)

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