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Wonderful last couple of days!
Artist's Spiritomb
After a pretty crappy week, the last couple days have been pretty great. It's kind of been a domino affect, but in a good way 0_0. My sales post was way more successful that I could have hoped and because of this I was able to buy this awesome guy the next day(I was shocked to see him still available).


Next up, on Wed I had a 3rd interview in Tampa at the Crowne Plaza. It was suppose to be for a night auditor position(I dislike working 3rd shift and the days off were suppose to be Tue/Wed). However, they told me they wanted me to start as a Bell Boy(with tips you make more) and it wouldn't be 3rd shift. After a few months of that they would move me to front desk if they liked me :)! I really liked the offer, but then last night, I got a better offer 0_0!

My dad called me last night to offer me a chance to work at his company back in MI. Remember, I just moved to FL a couple months ago from MI. Now this company makes corrugated boxes and I worked in the factory for two summers during college. I know the Director of the building very well and my dad is right beneath him in command. So my dad is telling me about the job, it's inputting sales information and keeping contact with the customers regarding their orders. Well apparently it pays $30,000, full benefits, paid overtime, paid vacation, paid holidays off, and it would be working 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. I am someone who must have at least one day of the weekend off so I can attend TCG tournaments, so this is HUGE. Plus the pay is better than anything I've experienced down here in FL. Apparently there are around 120 applicants, but this job doesn't require a high school diploma and you need to know word/excel(CAKE I TELL YOU!). So I know the top two guys there(one being my dad), I've worked there for two summers as an intern years ago, and my BA degree is is hospitality and tourism management. I hope that is enough to give me the edge.

Anyways, I hope everyone tries to have a good day. Life is rough, but sometimes it is really nice and I hope everyone posts on those days too. Rough days are easy to talk about on your LJs, but I think people easily forget to mention the good days as well.

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Tampa! That's my home city, yo <3 (Tampa Bay to be exact). We're actually going down there next week for a family thing.

and that job sounds NIIIIICE.

If you don't mind me asking, who did you buy the plush from. I can't find the sales post. Just wondering cuz I'm interested in their work for future commissions and such. Thanks.

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