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Day 1 of Work!
Artist's Spiritomb
Today is my first day off work and I'm on lunch at the moment. I'll be handling UPS customer calls in the beginning, but hopefully i'll be moved up to online replies before the end of the yr.

Sad part is that I really don't want to go home afterwards. A huge online drama storm hit yesterday that was totally unnecissary/uncalled for, but it has to be dealt with in some way.

Hopefully everything works its way out or this is going to be pretty hard to handle.

Anyways, lots to do tonight: GA Invoice is finally in and I need to study for my training class. Maybe i can get some packages tomorrow work if I find the post office in area.

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uh oh online drama D: never fun. community related or between friends?

cant wait to find get my doomy and char tomys! so excited *squishes!*

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